We take privacy very seriously.

We are a UK campaign, so subject to EU data protection rules, as implemented through the English legal system.


We will not share any name, email, address or telephone numbers with anyone. It is restricted to active campaign members, especially the 'online' team (we typed it in) and the steering group. Everyone in these groups are aware of their responsibilities under UK law.

We do not have access to any of the information entered onto the council petition, other than that which is public to anyone. That we have extracted to build a map of petitioners per ward -we do not have the postcodes there. We can send out emails to all the petitioners, but the council manages this process -we do not get the email addresses ourselves.

Data Storage and email privacy.

Emails and some personal information is stored using Google Applications for Domains, which is hosted by Google. We believe this implies the data is stored in a datacentre somewhere in the US. We do not provide access to this data to anyone other than the listed parties, and we believe that google do not index or search this information. We have no reason to believe that the US government searches it either. However, there is clear evidence that the US government listens to internet traffic routed across the US portion of the internet, and presumably international branches too. Please do not send the group email suggesting potentially illegal activities, as these emails may be intercepted and used against us.

Mailing List Removal

We have an announcements mailing list, built from attendees at meetings and other events, and who filled in their details on our web site. If you wish to be removed from this list, email email privacy at

  1. Once the councils/WEP come to their senses and stop this plan, we shall delete the personal details of everyone.
  2. We have a group discussion list, hosted at If you wish to be removed from this list, go to Yahoo! Groups, log in and unsubscribe
  3. We do not know how to remove entrie's from the council petition.

Data Correction

If you think any of your data is incorrect, email privacy at We will update our fields

Information Removal

If you want to have all your details removed, contact privacy at Be aware that we cannot 'unpost' any emails sent to any of the mailing lists, as they will be retained in all the inboxes of everyone on the list.