How to get involved

Ways you can save the railway path

We can't stop the bus plan alone -we need everyone's help! Here's how you can stop it:-

  1. See why the idea is so wrong
  2. Sign the council petition.
    This is already the largest ever online petition the council has received -let's make it bigger. You don't have to live in Bristol to sign it.
  3. Contact your councillor!
    Email, mail and face to face -the more the merrier!
  4. Get on our mailing lists
  5. Participate in one of our public events
  6. Help us with fundraising or donate to the campaign
  7. Join in one of our working groups

We're a new campaign, just getting started. We only found out about the daft plan to run buses down the path in November 2007, and got the Freedom of Information documents in January 2008; If you can help us with some ideas and some of your time, we'd welcome it!