BRT campaign in Bath
Where to find the Path, and what you'll find along the way

BBC Bristol - Have your say....

Discussion page on the Railway Path issue...

Bountiful Bristol Bulletin
The BBB is to assist any pro-active and creative "community champions" make connections, find inspiration and help and share useful info in and around Bristol.

The Bristol Blogger
Ranting, politics, dissent and no lifestyle journalism about Bristol and beyond

Bristol City Council Election Results

A full list of all ward results for all elections over the past 15 years.

Bristol Council Wards
Map of all Council wards in Bristol

Bristol Cycling Campaign
The title speaks for itself....

Bristol Green Party
Green Party website, fully supporting the campaign.

Bristol Indymedia
Bristol Indymedia is a volunteer-run open-access news website composed of the news, views, images and videos of its readers/contributors.

CTC's Right to Ride Network
CTC's Right to Ride network is the largest team of dedicated cycle campaigners in the UK.

Flickr - Save the Railway Path

Great on-line collection of Railway Path photos..
Greenbank Chocolate Factory Campaign Group
An local example of success, and an inspiration to the Railwaypath campaign

Greenbank Chocolate Factory Eco-Development

The fruits of campaigners labour: Eco-developers who fully support the Railwaypath campaign.

Guardian - Great Rides Article
Article about how great it is to cycle from Bath to Bristol...

John Grimshaw - Right idea, wrong route

Definitive argument from the head of SUSTRANS

Life Cycle
Life Cycle UK is a unique charity that helps people take up cycling.

Members of Parliament
Complete list of MP's by constituency.

Parliamentary Constituencies

Map of all UK parliamentary constituencies.

Without whom there would be no RailwayPath
West of England Partnership
The opposition website - Rapid Bus Transport page