How to contact your councillor

Anyone who opposes the daft idea of running buses down the railway path, and who lives in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire or Bath and North East Somerset, should contact their local councillors to express their concerns. Many councillors have already given us their public support -if any are your councillors, please drop them a note thanking them for doing so

Bristol Residents

  1. find your councillors by postcode. This will list your councillors, who can then be contacted by email, by phone and face to face.
  2. You may also want to contact Mark Bradshaw, who is the council cabinet member who owns this problem. Remember, it wasn't really his idea, so don't be rude in the emails.

South Gloucestershire Residents

Contact your councillor. You need to know which ward you are in.

Bath and North East Somerset Residents

You can contact your by entering your postcode

North Somerset Residents

Contact your councillor. You need to know which ward you are in.

Contacting your MP

The Write to Them, web site, a spin-off of They Work for You, lets you send an email to your local MP.

What to say

The key message to get across is closing the path for an indeterminate period to destroy all the vegetation and wildlife, leaving 3m of tarmac for pedestrians and cyclists while buses occupy 9m of space is wrong. It will kill the nature that lives there and split east bristol as dramatically as the M32. Emphasise how busy it is with walkers as well as bikers, with hundreds of kids going to all the schools near the path.

The path as it stands is a sustainable-city success story, bringing health to its users and greenery into the city core. Running buses down it may benefit FirstBus, but do nothing for Bristol.

What to do with any email responses you get back

We are very interested in tracking what email responses people get back from this, so we know where every councillor -especially every Bristol City councillor- stands. If you do get an email back, forward it to If you do not hear anything after a fortnight, let us know that fact too.