Supporting Politicians

Here is the list of politicians that have come out and said the path should not be destroyed. We have noted where votes don't appear to match previous statements.

Lesley Alexander Conservative Fishponds Voted for labour amendment
Sean Beynon Labour Southville Voted for Labour amendment
Fabian Breckels Labour St George East Voted for Labour amendment
Charlie Bolton Green Southville
Faruk Choudhury Labour Easton Voted for Labour amendment
Muriel Cole Lib Dem Eastville
Abdul Malik Lib Dem Easton
Sylvia Townsend Lib Dem Redland
Rosalie Walker Labour Horfield Voted for Labour amendment

Parliamentary Support

Stephen Williams MP Bristol West
Kerry McCarthy MP Bristol East
Paul Smith, prospective Labour Candidate

Councillors from outside Bristol

3 Woodstock Ward (South Gloucs) Councillors