Statements of Support

The People of Bristol - and beyond

Around 10,000 people have signed the online petition 'We, the undersigned, petition Bristol City Council to reject plans to install a rapid transit bus route along any section of the Bristol to Bath Railway Path "Greenway" and wildlife corridor. The Bristol to Bath Railway Path is the most popular route in the UK on the National Cycle Network with 2.4 million sustainable journeys in the last year.'

Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol East

Kerry McCarthy, Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East, has made an encouraging announcement on her blog. Read Kerry McCarthy's statement

Dawn Primarolo, MP for Bristol South

Dawn Primarolo, Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol South, included a message about the Path on her letter to constituents. Read Dawn Primarolo's statement

Video Interviews with the MP and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for Bristol West

 Stephen Williams, Lib Dem

Stephen Williams is the MP for Bristol West


Paul Smith, Labour Party

An interview with Paul Smith, the Prospective Labour Party Candidate for Bristol West.

Nick Yarkell, Conservative

Nick Yarkell is the Prospective Conservative Party Candiate for Bristol West



The Bristol Respect party have made a video showing why they like the path just the way it is, and don't want buses running down it. Keep an eye on Felix, as he turns up in some of our own videos! 


South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats

Although not technically a statement in support of the Railway Path, the following indicates that South Glos members of the West of England Partnership are unlikely to back the plan to run the BRT down the path. This gem of information comes from Gary Hopkins, liberal democrat councillor for Knowle, posting on the Bristol Blogger site on Thursday 17th April;

"The S. Glos Lib Dem position is that they would prefer a T shape route ie one that connects around the ring rd from Emersons green to Parkway/Abbeywood/Uwe and down M32 and would do what they could to encourage that. It seems unlikely that there is any push to use the path from the Conservative executive as he does not seem to be actively engaged and if he were would likely be pushing for this sort of route as it gives them more internal benefit."

Bristol City Council

Here's a List of politicians who said they would support us. Many Bristol City councillors appear to be sympathetic to the issue, although what they say doesn't always predict what they do. Several councillors made statements of support but failed to vote to Bin the BRT proposal at the Full Council meeting on 1st April.