A weekday morning on the path

Some people think the path us a disused railway; something that is only used by one or two bicycles. That is not the case. It is probably not just the most popular cycle path in the country, it's the most popular footpath in the city. Here's a video of all the kids going to school, people cycling to work, the runners doing their morning training run. For all those residents of Bristol who don't get to commute down the path, we're sorry. Whether its stuck in a car, waiting for FirstBus to not give you any change, or cycling behind that bus on the A38 showcase route, there is one route in and out of the city that is actually enjoyable. Here it is.

For anyone who thinks 3 metres (with pinch points) is enough for the current volume of use, this part of the path exposes the lie. The kids are running to school across the path -and unlike a normal road, the parents don't have to hang on for grim death. Everyone gets around. And look how happy the kids are. Then look at how bored children going to school stuck in the back of mum's Honda CR-V look. Being driven to school it is the beginning of the boring commute, setting expectations for the rest of their life.

Running BRT down the path would destroy this. With two lanes of buses, parents aren't going to let their little ones run free. They will be held tight and not allowed to enjoy themselves. The crossings themselves become a safety issue. The minutes have mentioned 'rationalized', which is normally a uphemism for 'drastically cut back'. You could only have crossings where the visibility matched the stopping distance of a bus doing 30 +MPH, so anything near a bend or behind a railway bridge would be in danger. No access points: no users.