West of England Partnership Documents

All the documents retrieved by the Bristol Cycling Campaign are available online, as a directory to browse, or a  single 80MB download.The files are sorted into what we think is their order of presentation to the council, with each committee meeting having minutes alongside the presentation.Some very interesting files are

  1. December 2006:  Executive Members' Briefing. This document is where the consultants appear to have first proposed running buses along the Bristol-Bath Railway Path and the Malago Greenway, South Bristol's equivalent.
  2. March 2007: Options Short List. This is where the decision to focus on Emerson's Green and the railway path appears to have been made, not because it made the most economic sense, but because it would be less disruptive to cars in the city centre.
  3. May 2007, Corridor Options Shortlist (part 1, part 2, part 3). A detailed analysis of the engineering aspects of different routes.
  4. Environmental Scoping report A quick look at the environmental issues with running BRT along the railway path. We say quick as they managed not to find anything, which implies nobody looked very hard. (21MB).
  5. November 2007, The first public announcement of what was being planned.