From a letter from Dawn Primarolo MP to her constituents


As some of you will be aware, Bristol City Council and neighbouring local authorities have been looking into setting up three Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors in the Bristol area to help address the transport needs of our sub-region.

For one of these routes (Ashton Vale to Emerson’s Green) an option was being considered which could have seen a segregated bus way running alongside the Bristol to Bath cycle path. This proved to be very unpopular many people in Bristol, and several local residents contacted me about this issue.

Personally, I have strong reservations about such a scheme because of its likely impact on the many cyclists and walkers who use the path regularly. The cycle path is a unique and popular green corridor in our busy city and I am wary of plans to alter the current use of the path, especially at a time when we are all being encouraged to walk and cycle more for both environmental and health reasons.

Given this, I was very pleased to learn last weekend that Bristol City Council has decided to concentrate on other options and on the BRT link from the city centre to Long Ashton.