Cycling City Documents

We are starting to collect what we know about cycling city, to see if it offers anything for the Railway path. The initial item we have is the proposal to cycling england.

The answer is: there is a lot there on cycling, some mention of pedestrians. And we know where the council side of the money is going to come from. This is the money that the Evening Post was saying would be better spent on other things round the city. Well, it looks like much of the money is going to come from Section 106 "developer funds to improve the area" money, including Filton North Field and stuff in the centre. Another slice of the council matching funds is actually central government money for the Greater Bristol Bus Network!

To spell it out: anything done for bicycles as part of the GBBN qualifies as Cycling City improvements. The Bristol Cycling Campaign will have to get involved in making sure that money is well spent. For the Railway Path campaign, perhaps the only way that money will come the way of the path is if FirstBus are allowed to run buses down it. We don't want that, so will have to come up with more compelling reasons for spending some money to improve the value of the path, which, as the councillors said themselves, "is a central part of the future".

It's worth noting that the Bristol Cycling Campaign were very divided on this bid, because everyone was so angry about the idea of BRT down the railway and other paths, and because we felt the money wouldn't do that much good -it would just be a propaganda event. Certainly the very qualified "we cannot support this while you want to run buses down the path" letter of support did not get printed in its full in the application, so it is good that the review committee did know what was going on, and would have vetoed any funding without a clearer statement of "no BRT on the path" from Cllr Mark Bradshaw, which is why we saw that "I've just realised it wouldn't work" statement on 2nd June.  However, the city has got money to improve cycling in Bristol and South Gloucester, which doesn't mean to make it easier for those people who already cycle, it means increase the use of bicycles for all those people who currently get driven to school, or who drive to the shops and work.

The Bristol Cycling Campaign and the Railway Path Campaign both intend to take an active role in achieving such a goal. For us, we want people to use the Railway Path for their commuting, shopping and leisure needs, and to do so in a way that is safe for all path users.