Remembering Chris Hutt

It's a lovely time to enjoy the Railway Path. Sunny, warm-ish, the flowers are blooming, it's a great place to be. Whether its a walk to school or the shops, a weekend bike ride, a commute, it's nice to be out there, a great place to appreciate spring.

Sadly, one of the builders of the path, Chris Hutt, will not be able to enjoy it, as he died last month. With others in the Cyclebag group, he turned an abandoned railway line, into the best park in Bristol, and an internationally renowned railway to path conversion.

Sustrans came from this, but we in Bristol benefit from Chris's work whenever we use the path. As a plumber, Chris also fixed up the fountains -so on a hot day, we really have a reason to grateful!

Chris's funeral will be on Friday April 30 -the plan is for a pedal-powered hearse from the funeral directors in Westbury to take him on his final ride, to Canford Crematorium. The Bristol Cycling Campaign are planning a commemoration ride at 5:30pm, from outside 35 King Street, hopefully taking in the Railway Path and finishing with a memorial beverage at one of the city's many fine drinking establishments.

Chris will be missed by all of us, -we shall be among those celebrating his achievements, while mourning his passing.